Kansas Masonic Military Affairs Partnership
Kansas State University

A successful partnership with Kansas State University will help provide vital comprehensive services to current and former members of the military from Kansas, as well as their families. Formed in 2006, the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs has matured into a nationally recognized body of educational, research, and outreach services that impacts current and former military members and their families as they move into, through, and out of military services. The program has a specific focus, as it serves Kansas military and veteran communities, reaching 45,000 active duty and 223,000 veterans throughout the state of Kansas.

The partnership and program will seek to further several core objectives, and serve to provide a number of deliverables through its execution. The core objectives of the program will be to:

  • Provide meaningful perspectives that empower relevant discourse on contemporary and emerging military and veteran issues
  • Support military veterans’ readjustment to productive civilian life and work
  • Assist society’s role in supporting its national defense
  • Make a positive impact on the nation’s serving military professionals and their families.

Major Impacts of the Partnership between Kansas State University Military & Veterans Affairs and Kansas Masons for the benefit of Kansans and Kansas:

  • Will support the professional development, quality of life and well-being of the Nation’s active duty military population based in Kansas—and increase the value that the Department of Defense derives from basing military units in the state of Kansas
  • Will deliver needed supplementary programs and leader development broadening opportunities for Kansas National Guard and U.S. Army Reservists and their families assigned to Kansas military units
  • Will increase the number of Post 9-11 era veterans and their family members aµending and earning degrees fromom Kansas instuons of higher educaon and enœy into the Kansas workforce
  • Will support the development and sharing of research-based approaches and practices needed to successfully reintegrate Post 9-11 era veterans and their families into Kansas communities after their military service
  • Will assist Kansas-based employers that wish to hire recent veterans with new evidence-based practices needed to acquire Post 9-11 era veteran talent
  • Will assist military recruitment of Kansas youth wishing to serve their country and receive the life-long benefits of military service
  • Will assist Kansas-based military and veteran service organizations (MSO/VSO) to maintain relevance and effectiveness in serving the Post 9-11 era service members and veterans by providing expertise, best practices and networking opportunities
  • Will bolster the legacy of Kansas Masons in providing excellence in support of the military and veterans communities to the contemporary generation of the Post 9-11 era

Kansas State University Military Affairs Website

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