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Kansas PRIDEMaking Communities a Better Place to Live and Work

The Kansas PRIDE Program is a partnership of Kansas State University (KSU) Research and Extension, the Kansas Department of Commerce, Kansas Masons and Kansas PRIDE, Inc. The program is dedicated to serving communities across the state, encouraging and assisting local government and volunteers in making communities a better place to live and work.

Week of PRIDE is back!

  • May 23rd through May 30th, 2022

    The Kansas Masonic Foundation, a proud partner of the Kansas PRIDE Program, is excited to announce that May 23rd through May 30th, 2022, has been proclaimed by the governor as Week of PRIDE!

    For those that have not participated in the past or are new to it, Week of PRIDE is a time during the spring quarter that communities can report their impact on specific projects that they are proud of, were great fundraisers, or had a significant impact on the beautification and moral of their community.

    Check out the K-State Week of PRIDE page for resources or report your impact.

The Kansas PRIDE Program

The Kansas PRIDE Program has more than 35 years of success in providing a model and approach to community strategic planning and creating a better future for people living in cities, towns and neighborhoods all across Kansas.

  • Program Benefits

    The program has reached 500 communities since its inception and continues to be vital in creating a better tomorrow in roughly 70 communities each year. Participating Kansas community benefits include:

    • Increasing the quality of life for the people who live there.
    • Building economic vigor through strategic community efforts.
    • Developing a unique identity for communities/counties/regions for the future as an attractive area to live, work and raise families.
    • Providing essential services for the people of Kansas on a regional basis.
    • Increasing local leadership capacity for long term sustainability.
  • Kansas Masonic Involvement

    The Kansas Masonic Foundation and Kansas Masons are Kansas PRIDE Program partners. The program encourages the ongoing and expanded commitments of Kansas Masonic Lodges, Kansas Masons and community members to the betterment of Kansas communities. 

What People Are Saying

“Being involved with the public is one of our high priorities. We want people to see what our fraternity does and how we can help them. When you can bring people together as a team, you have something that will work.”

Doug Wilkinson, Past Master Belleville Lodge, No. 129, Belleville, Kansas

“Through the Kansas Masonic Foundation’s gift to us, we have been able to hire additional personnel so we can go out and better support the 70 PRIDE communities throughout Kansas. It’s also going to enable us to expand the number of PRIDE communities.”

Gregg Hadley, Associate Director Kansas State Extension, Kansas State University

“I’ve been thrilled with how enthusiastic the Masons have been. With them helping, we were able to re-stain the planters that needed to be done. We used some Tabor student volunteers to come over and do projects. The Masons orchestrated all that for us. The Masons also helped spread millings on the walking paths to make them safer to walk on.”

Pam Byer, Retired President Kansas PRIDE, Marion, Kansas

“The Masonic lodge there partnered with the Kansas PRIDE group to help dig potatoes, bring in supplies and heavy labor for a community garden. That project has expanded to the point of starting a farmer’s market.”

Jan Steen, Co-Coordinator Kansas PRIDE

Discover More

To learn more about the Kansas PRIDE Program, we encourage you to visit the program page on the KSU website.

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