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Fulfilling Our ObligationCaring for Our Brothers, Widows and Orphans

For nearly a half-century, the Kansas Masonic Foundation’s philanthropic efforts have been funding effective programs that both embody and encourage the power of cooperation. In 2013, the Freemason’s Endowment made the Fulfilling Our Obligation program possible. The program matches funds raised by local lodges in order to make a positive impact on the lives of our Brothers, widows and orphans.

The Fulfilling Our Obligation Program

The Fulfilling Our Obligation program gives us the opportunity to leverage our good works and give even more. Together, we can make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of our brothers, widows and orphans when they need us most.

  • Why the Program Was Developed

    When the Kansas Masonic Foundation approved the creation of the new endowment, President Michael J. Tavares said, “KMF has been working closely with the Grand Lodge to develop this program to help out our Kansas Brothers and their families in time of need. When we became Masons, we all made a promise as part of our obligation to help out exactly these groups of people. This program will help us live up to that promise.”

  • How the Program is Possible

    In the past, we learned of a Brother’s family in need and quietly put together some money to help, perhaps by passing the hat at the local lodge. But frequently, more resources are deserved. Generous gifts of $600,000 from the Edward and Bernice Seidel Trust as well as $160,000 from the Grand Lodge paved the way in 2013 to create a new initiative— a $1.5 million Freemasons Endowment for the Fulfilling Our Obligation program.

What People Are Saying

“January 13, 2014, my daughter called and said, ‘Dad, you need to come home. The house is on fire.’ The first thing we realized was that the house was way gone. [Mike Johnson] said, ‘The Brothers agree that you need this [money].’ It made it possible for me to continue my life at an as-good or better status than before. Without Peace Lodge No. 243, it would have been a long, hard road.”

Jimmy Dale Cannon, Kansas Mason Peace Lodge No. 243, Louisburg, Kansas

“In July of last year, I was fortunate enough to get a kidney transplant. With the cost of medication, we had huge medical bills. I approached some of my Brothers and explained the situation. I was confident that, somehow, they would help me. They immediately wrote me a check and said, ‘We’re going to apply to the Kansas Masonic Foundation for more funds.’ It really helped us through a very difficult time. It’s a wonderful program, and we need to support it because you never know when it’s going to be you.”

Blake Warkentine, Kansas Mason Emporia Lodge No. 12, Emporia, Kansas

“I was married to Matt Samuels, a local Mason. He was the sheriff in our county, and he was shot and killed in the line of duty. July 7, 2016, we were hit by a tornado, and [it] gutted the whole west side of the house. I found out that my insurance had lapsed. One day Kyle knocked on my door and said, ‘We want to give you this from Matt’s Brothers, the Masons.’ It floored me that, after that long, they remembered. It was very heartfelt. I knew that they still remembered Matt, but I couldn’t imagine someone still checking on the wife. It was pretty amazing.”

Tammy Samuels, Widow of Kansas Mason Eureka, Kansas

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Apply for Funds

To apply for funds from the Fulfilling Our Obligation program, please contact your local lodge.