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Masonic Cancer AllianceFree Mobile Cancer Screenings

The Masonic Cancer Alliance (MCA) is an outreach network of The University of Kansas Cancer Center, an organization partnering with cancer research, care, and support professionals to advance the quality and accessibility of cancer prevention, detection, treatment, and survivorship in the heartland.

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The Masonic Cancer Alliance Mobile Cancer Screening Clinic

  • Our History

    For over 40 years, the Kansas Masons have contributed more than $35 million to KU Cancer Center research to help educate about the importance of early detection and preventive screenings and improve access to cancer care and clinical trials.

  • The Proposed Mobile Clinic

    As the Masonic Cancer Alliance continues to support the research and education of The KU Cancer Center, it has decided to invest nearly $800,000 in creating a mobile cancer screening clinic to expand its current services to more Kansas communities. It is anticipated that the screening vehicle will be available in 2025.

  • Benefits of the Partnership

    The mobile health clinics will educate individuals about the importance of early detection and preventive screenings while improving access to cancer control and clinical trials for rural and vulnerable communities. This significant contribution will help change the way individuals access cancer screenings and change the future fight against cancer.

    The benefits of the initiative include the following:

    • The Masonic Cancer Alliance’s services for free cancer screenings will also be provided through the new mobile health clinics to make healthcare more accessible for individuals across the state.
    • With the help of mobile health clinics, the Masonic Cancer Alliance will be able to see and accommodate an estimated 100 individuals each day with no appointment necessary.
    • The cancer experience will be transformed as all individuals within the region will be provided with great access to breakthrough ideas and cancer prevention strategies.
    • Mobile cancer screening vehicles will help support underserved populations, promote high-quality, affordable care, and ensure geography isn’t a barrier to detecting cancers earlier.
    • Health insurance coverage is not required for individuals to participate in the free cancer screenings.
  • Screening Types

    • Skin Cancer
    • Prostate Cancer
    • Cancer Risk Assessment
    • Blood Pressure
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Colorectal Kits

2024 Cancer Screen Dates and Locations

We encourage you to visit a cancer screening clinic this year at a lodge nearest you!

  • image description

    Dates and Locations

    April 20th, 2024: Independence, KS – Fortitude Lodge No. 17

    April 27th, 2024: Manhattan, KS – Lafayette Lodge No. 6

    May 11th, 2024: Wichita, KS – North Star Lodge No. 168

    June 1st, 2024: Tribune, KS – Sharon Springs Lodge No. 417

    June 8th, 2024: Wyandotte, KS – Wyandotte Lodge No. 3

    July 13th, 2024: Waverly, KS – Anchor Lodge No. 224

    August 3rd, 2024: Belleville, KS – Belleville Lodge No. 129

    October 5th, 2024: Americus, KS – Americus Lodge No. 62

    October 12th, 2024: Salina, KS – Salina Lodge No. 60

    October 26th, 2024: Salina, KS – Salina Lodge No. 60

    October 26th, 2024: Ft. Leavenworth, KS – Hancock Lodge No. 311

What People Are Saying

“Access to a mobile screening unit is important for extending the scope and reach of our cancer screening program across the region. As long as the cancer screening site has a parking lot, we can bring our team to deliver a comprehensive cancer screening and education program, which will allow us to provide services without regard to the availability of facilities suitable for clinical exams.”

Dr. Roy Jenson, M.D Kansas Masonic Cancer Research Institute

“We envision the mobile screening unit will engage community members, health care providers, and researchers to utilize the mobile screening unit throughout the year and across the KU Cancer Center catchment area. This will help ensure geography isn’t a barrier to detecting cancers earlier, when they are most likely to be curable.”

Rick Ryan President of the Kansas Masonic Foundation

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