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Apply for Immediate Financial Assistance for Masons and Their Families! Almoner’s Fund

Almoner’s FundFinancial Assistance for Masons and Their Families

Considering the current economic and health environment attributed to the coronavirus pandemic, Masons and their families may face even greater challenges. A new program, Almoner’s Fund, has been developed to provide immediate assistance to those in need.

The Almoner’s Fund Program

The Almoner’s Fund program provides up to $250 per Mason. The money will be delivered via direct deposit into your checking account or by check, depending on the urgency of need. The program is completely anonymous, with only the Kansas Masonic Foundation, Lodge Master and Secretary aware of the requests.

  • Request Funds by Phone

    To make a request for funds by phone, contact the Kansas Masonic Foundation at (785) 357-7646.

  • Request a Mailed Check

    To request funds be mailed to you by check, complete the online form.

    Online Form
  • Request a Direct Deposit

    To request funds be directly deposited into your bank account, download the PDF, fill it out and then fax it to the Kansas Masonic Foundation at (785) 357-7406. For your security, we request that you do NOT email the PDF or any other sensitive information.

    Download Direct Deposit Form

How the Almoner’s Fund is Possible

A number of years ago, the Kansas Masonic Foundation created the Freemasons Endowment (Fulfilling Our Obligation Program) to help our brothers, widows and orphans in their time of need. The Freemasons Endowment was fully funded at $1.5 million in 2019. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Kansas Masonic Foundation and the Grand Lodge of Kansas expanded our reach through the Almoner’s Fund to even better fulfill our obligation during these uncertain times.

Donate to the Almoner’s Fund

Join us in providing financial assistance to Masons and their families! Make a donation to the Kansas Masonic Foundation with the Almoner’s Fund designated.

Donate Now