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Community DevelopmentAdvance Lodge No. 114 Donates $500 to Sunshine Ladies in Florence

Kansas Masonic Foundation Supports Local Kansas Masonic Lodge With Sunshine Ladies Donation

Florence, Kansas (April 14, 2021)—The Kansas Masonic Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to benefiting Kansas communities, has partnered with Advance Lodge No. 114 to donate $500 to the Sunshine Ladies, a group of local ladies dedicated to improving situations and maintaining neglected properties in the community. 

Founded in 1872, Advance Lodge No. 114 is a Kansas Masonic lodge dedicated to Freemasonry, the oldest surviving fraternal organization in the world. The lodge currently has 26 members and supports various local organizations, including the community library, the local cemetery, and other Brother Masons, widows, and children in need. The Brothers also support the local Scout House and continue to find charitable ways to help their community. 

“Our Brothers define doing charitable work as relieving the distressed, soothing the unhappy, and sympathizing with their misfortunes,” said Advance Lodge No. 114 Secretary Les Allison. “We strive to maintain and improve our local surroundings to provide a stronger environment for the community to continue to grow. Our efforts are guided by the desire to bring unity in a place of decay and conflict.”

In an attempt to relieve the distressed and provide unity, the Brothers at Advance Lodge No. 114 have teamed up with the Kansas Masonic Foundation to provide a monetary donation of $500 to the Sunshine Ladies in Florence. The Sunshine Ladies originally began as a coffee group at the local bakery, where several women would meet for coffee and conversation each month until they eventually realized their group efforts could help make improvements within the community. Now, the Sunshine Ladies is comprised of a group of less than a dozen local women working together to maintain neglected properties. The funds donated to the group will be used to purchase materials, including new wooden steps, an entry door, and a fresh coat of paint for the local Scout House in Florence. A formal donation announcement will take place on May 1, 2021, at the Scout House location. 

About the Kansas Masonic Foundation:
As the philanthropic arm of Kansas Masons, the Kansas Masonic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to benefiting Kansas communities and supporting fellow Masons and their families. Since its inception, the foundation has invested more than $50 million in Kansas communities and individuals through funding academic, scientific, and charitable endeavors. For additional information about the Kansas Masonic Foundation and to get involved, click here.

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